Water Origin

The climatic characteristics of the Northern Region, where EcoTermales Fortuna is located, as cited by the Costa Rican Metrological Institute (IMN):


Avg. Annual Rainfall (mm) Avg. Annual Max. Temperature (°C) Avg. Annual Min. Temperature (°C) Avg. Annual Temperature (°C) Avg Days of Rainfall Dry Season Duration in Months
3100 30 21 25 225 3


The thermal springs that await our visitors at EcoTermales Fortuna, are of a magmatic origin, originating from the hyper-thermal magnesia filled waters, which means that those who visit us in La Fortuna, San Carlos, can delight themselves in the mineral-medicinal properties, which thanks to the perfectly and naturally balanced quantities of calcium bicarbonates and magnesium, which have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxing properties.