EcoTermales Fortuna was created thanks to the desire to create a unique place for rest and comfort, together with the best personalized service and framed in a harmonious natural environment. This magical property, owned by the Hidalgo Murillo family, co-founders of the District of La Fortuna, is unlike any other.

After years of dedicating this land to farming and cattle raising, Mrs. Hortemida observed the potential of the natural thermal springs found on the property. In total, there fresh water springs and 13 hot springs, which naturally spring right on the property.

As the years went by, the hot springs, which were only taken advantage of only for family recreation, began to transform, together with the hard work of the whole family and a solid administration. The doors were first opened to the public in December, 2002, and today the Company employs over 50 people.

EcoTermales Fortuna has continued to open a pathway in ecological tourism, with waste management, maintaining the highest culinary standards of the market, and with conservation efforts to protect the aquifers and wildlife of the region.