Eco Termales Hot Springs at Arenal Volcano

Fun and relaxation

in harmony with nature

This is how we continue to evolve to always offer the highest quality and comfort to our visitors, prioritizing balance with nature.

Fun and relaxation

in harmony with nature


Ecotermales Fortuna is a wonderful place where water springs naturally. With this unique privilege comes a deep responsibility that we uphold with an unwavering dedication to health, cleanliness and sustainability.

Our hot spring complex was created so that the water can flow or follow its course naturally, ensuring that there is always fresh water for our visitors. This is also with the objective of generating the minimum impact on nature to preserve its genuine beauty and integrity.

But our devotion to the planet goes further. We have been pioneers in an integrated waste disposal system, processing 100% of the waste generated by our tourist activities, wastewater and traditional solid and organic waste.

In addition, many of the ingredients we use for our culinary preparations come from our garden or are purchased from local producers. In this way, we ensure its freshness, support local commerce and reduce our carbon footprint.

Corporate social responsibility

We are also very committed to the development and social well-being of the inhabitants of Arenal. Therefore, within our corporate social responsibility plan, we prioritize hiring personnel from the area. Thanks to this, today we generate employment for more than 50 people, which contributes to a better quality of life for their families.

Additionally, we actively participate in initiatives related to sports, health and environmental protection through donations and sponsorships to contribute to the well-being of the community that welcomes us.